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More And More Visitors Exhilarated And Thrilled By Husky Safaris In Lapland – As Seen On 71 Degrees North

September 20, 2010 by Travel Guide Lapland  
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Increasing numbers of visitors to Lapland are discovering the truly unique experience offered by husky safaris in Lapland. Dog sledding holidays have seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years as more and more people discover the exhilaration of winter activity holidays in Arctic regions such as Lapland and Canada.

This interest is set [...]

Winter Holidays in Lapland

If you are planning a winter holiday getaway, Lapland is a great place to go. It has a lot to offer for those who enjoy the winter and all the opportunities it has to offer in terms of outdoor activities. There is a lot that you can do during your winter holidays in Lapland. If [...]

Santa Holidays in Lapland

June 28, 2010 by Travel Guide Lapland  
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Despite the popular children’s fable, there isn’t actually any land at the North Pole, so Santa Claus has relocated to Lapland instead! Christmas in Lapland is authentic, which means that there won’t be advertisers trying to sell you something at every turn. For those without children, many travel companies require only that you bring the [...]