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Tying the Knot in Lapland – Amazing Winter Wedding Destinations

What could be a more memorable experience than getting married in Lapland? Forget the palm fringed beach and the sand in your wedding shoes; by choosing the Arctic Circle as your wedding venue you can really have a fairytale ceremony amidst pine forests and deep snow.
Lapland weddings are civil ceremonies, but a Lutheran priest [...]

How to Choose an Arctic Cruise Holiday

For those travellers who want to experience something totally different, Arctic holidays and cruises can open up a whole new world. The landscapes are just as beautiful as those around the Mediterranean, and the Arctic Circle is home to an array of unique animals that cannot be seen anywhere else.
The excursions on this type of [...]

The Best Time to See the Northern Lights in Lapland

The Northern Lights, also known by their official name of the Aurora Borealis, appear at their best in Lapland; however, they are real prima donnas, only turning up when they feel like it, which just adds to their ethereal mystery.  In fact, many Laps will tell you that they only put on a display for [...]

Northern Lights Holidays in Lapland

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are cosmic phenomena that produce intense hues of yellow, green and blue, perform a ribbon-like dance of light across the northern night sky from November to February each year.  The Northern Lights are caused by solar flares colliding with the earth’s atmosphere. The Northern Lights normally [...]

The Northern Lights – See The Greatest Show On Earth In Lapland

February 7, 2011 by Travel Guide Lapland  
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Familiar to the hardy folk that populate the Arctic Circle, the extraordinary Northern Lights or aurora borealis remain a wonder that most of the world has never seen and which no visitor to Lapland will ever forget.
The months of February and March are one of the best times of the year to witness this awe-inspiring [...]

Visit Santa in Lapland

As the Christmas season approaches, many families are looking for unique ways to celebrate the holidays. An increasingly popular option is a visit to Santa in Lapland. Rather than spend hours in a department store queue, take a short break or even a day trip to Lapland and experience Father Christmas in his traditional homeland.
Many [...]

Top Sights To See in Lapland

There’s always something to see in Lapland. From the sky show put on by the aurora borealis to the picturesque landscapes of inner Lapland, the region is a place truly untouched by the ravages of modern life. Although all sights in the region are amazing, there are some top sights to [...]

Exploring Lapland

If you want to travel to an “out of the ordinary” place, why not take a trip to northern Scandinavia and explore Lapland?
Lapland is the name for the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The majority of the territory lies within the arctic circle, so it is obviously a place with an overall cold [...]

Special Events and Festivals in Lapland

Not only is Lapland home to a lot of snow and snow-related activities, it is a cultural hub for northern Scandinavia as well. The native peoples of Lapland are the Sami (previously called the Lapps – although this is now considered to be a derogatory term), who continue to have a [...]

Husky Safari in Lapland

Imagine the wind blowing through your hair, the cold Lapland air gently touching your cheeks and a whole lot of white surrounding you. At nights, you sleep in remote wilderness cabins with no electricity or showers. The next day, the same occurs again, the gray and white bundles of fur before you are your only [...]

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