Saturday, December 31, 2011

Exploring Lapland

If you want to travel to an “out of the ordinary” place, why not take a trip to northern Scandinavia and explore Lapland?

Lapland is the name for the northern regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The majority of the territory lies within the arctic circle, so it is obviously a place with an overall cold climate. This makes it perfect for those who enjoy winter and the activities that you can do during that season.

So what exactly is Lapland known for? As it is a relatively isolated region, you will find a few sparsely populated areas and small towns, but the majority of it is just breathtaking wilderness for you to discover. Obviously, people don’t come to Lapland to see busy streets and towering skyscrapers like in New York.

The type of environment that you will see in Lapland will depend on the season during which you visit and also on part of the region that you find yourself in. In the western part, you will find fjords, glaciers, mountains and valleys. As you move towards the east, you will see lakes and marshes.

While it is an isolated region, the majority of Lapland is accessible by road and air all year round. As it is a vast region, there is a lot to see and do for those who like the great outdoors and are not afraid of being in a remote region, far from civilization. If you like sports, you can go skiing, ice fishing, snowboarding or snow shoe walking.

Those who want to explore the scenery during the winter time can take rides on husky dog sleds or on snowmobiles, which are offered by a few tour operators in the region. During the short summer, it is an ideal time to go kayaking, hiking or simply camping in the wilderness.

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