Saturday, October 15, 2011

Northern Lights Holidays in Lapland

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are cosmic phenomena that produce intense hues of yellow, green and blue, perform a ribbon-like dance of light across the northern night sky from November to February each year.  The Northern Lights are caused by solar flares colliding with the earth’s atmosphere. The Northern Lights normally extend over Scandinavia, northern Finland, northern USA, Canada, Siberia and Alaska.

Lapland, a region in Finland and Sweden that extends into the Arctic Circle, provides a particularly spectacular view of the Northern Lights, and this destination should be at the top of any travellers list. Holidays to Lapland to see the Northern Lights are an unforgettable experience, and may include one-of-a-kind winter activities such as a breathtaking husky safari, or a reindeer excursion through Lapland’s magnificent wilderness.

Staying in the remote arctic Igloo Village provides a perfect opportunity to witness the dancing night sky illuminate the winter wilderness.  Overnight snowmobile excursions and husky holidays provide a rugged experience for the adventurous traveller, while a night spent in the famous Ice Hotel provides a surprisingly comfortable nights sleep for those weary of adventuring.  Other local attractions include the Arctic Zoo, car driving on the ice, horseback riding, and the Forestry Museum.

For taking the best photos of this beautiful phenomenon, a heavy tripod and an f1.4 wide-angle lens are essential.  Film of at least 400 ASA is also recommended.  Any would-be photographers should be careful to dress in layers of warm clothing, as several hours may be spent standing still in the cold to get the perfect shot.

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The Aurora Zone offer a range of expertly crafted Northern Lights holidays for those who want to witness this incredible spectacle in this extraordinary place.

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