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The Northern Lights – See The Greatest Show On Earth In Lapland

February 7, 2011 by Travel Guide Lapland  
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Familiar to the hardy folk that populate the Arctic Circle, the extraordinary Northern Lights or aurora borealis remain a wonder that most of the world has never seen and which no visitor to Lapland will ever forget.

The months of February and March are one of the best times of the year to witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon that has inspired folktales and fed Lapland’s rich mythology. Legends abound of its origins including dancing spirits, glowing glacial sea monsters and even the blazing reflections from the armour of mounted warrior virgins.

Lapland’s remoteness means no artificial light detracts from the display as it starts in the late evening with a small glow that grows into great weaving arcs and waves of green, purple and blue, merging into hazy red with never the same pattern seen twice.

The region’s tranquility creates the perfect backdrop for witnessing the Northern Lights as billions of particles flowing on solar winds are drawn to the earth’s magnetic pole and explode on contact with the atmosphere.

The spectacle is best enjoyed whilst wrapped in reindeer skins and accepting traditional Lapland hospitality and sipping on hot berry drinks to cheat the cold.

Whether you believe in the legends or wish to create your own, prepare to be enthralled by this uniquely spectacular sight in Lapland this spring.

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